The Big Up

The Big Up is a 2D brawler/defense game created in Unity/C# by a team of 4, including myself as the only programmer, though I did also create animations, a small amount of the art and also contributed a fair amount to the game's design, including the initial idea and several of the major mechanics.

The objective of the game is to defend your town from hordes of ravenous enemies during the day and upgrade your town and character at night, with every third day being a boss fight.

Unity wasn't exactly my strong suit going into the project, but I learned as I went on and the game ended up with a fair few features including a day/night cycle, melee combos, upgradeable buildings, a 'god power' system, a random enemy wave generator and even a boss battle. I came out of the project much richer in terms of Unity skills than before I started; not just with scripting, but the animator, the prefab system and even experimental systems like the skinning editor in the 2D skeletal animation packages.

Here's a very short script I created for the game which has been heavily commented so that you can see the thought processes behind the implementation:

Some other scripts I wrote for the game include the Boss Enemy Controller, a a randomized wave spawner and a Power system